About Northern Engraving Blog

Welcome this website is a combination of wisdom and fun light ideas.

I hope my stories will inspire you; soon I will be an Attorney at Law, with a specialization in Computer Law. This website represents the things I want for my family, for myself, and for anyone who seeks inspiration to change their life. I believe in “Pay It Forward”, and as a teacher, I help online students preparing for their exams. Just because I like it.

If I had my way, we would always be well and have our health. We would live each moment with awareness, never going through our days on autopilot as we tend to do, so that we don’t miss life’s lessons as they come. And we would all find happiness, whatever that means to us.

I created this site as a place where I can document what I’m learning along the way. I’ve chosen a public platform because it would be a shame to keep these little snippets in a notebook under my pillow when others can benefit from hearing about my discoveries. (Okay, okay, and my mistakes!)

There are those days when the ceiling drips on your head, and you get a surprise medical bill in the mail, and pulverized food from your kitchen disposal is backing up into your laundry tub, and your boss forgets that mind-reading was not a qualification listed on your resume, and your little one refuses to nap, eat, or let his feet touch the floor…

Life happens, right?

With most mini-catastrophes, you can take a few deep breaths and you’re ready to face whatever it is that’s demanding your attention. But sometimes, you’re wound tight. Really tight. And it takes a little more to center yourself.

You could drop a wad of cash on a spa day or drown your sorrows in a case of beer, but you know better. That won’t help for more than a short while, and relief comes cheaper and easier than that. In fact, I’ve found ten 15-minute activities to get yourself to a place where you’re ready to tackle life’s little surprises. Chances are, you’ll find them just as refreshing as a seaweed wrap, and much more restorative than a hangover. And, they don’t cost a thing!

Set a timer for 15 minutes and choose your path to aaaaahhhh.

  • Take 15 minutes to write down things you’re thankful for. This would be a good thing to keep and reference often.
  • Meditate, pray, or do a devotional. This can bring your situation back into perspective, even if your spiritual reflections aren’t focused on the problem at hand.
  • Color or paint. You’d be surprised how soothing this can be. It’s even more relaxing with a small child.
  • Find a spot in nature – a park or a wooded area. Just sit and observe. Really pay attention to the interaction that’s happening around you. Notice the harmony between the birds, the plants and the trees.
  • Put a few drops of calming lavender oil on a cotton ball and place near your pillow. Pop in a spa CD. If you don’t have one, find a Youtube.com playlist of spa music. Breathe in to a count of 5 and out to a count of 8 until you reach a mushball state of relaxation, then breathe normally. If you find yourself getting anxious again, start counting again.
  • Make yourself a bubble bath. Light candles, turn out the lights, and soak your troubles away.
  • Try focus walking. Plan a short, 15-minute route. Focus on every step you take. Notice the things around you. You may notice a thing of beauty that you would otherwise miss.
  • Find a positive or inspiring quote and journal about it. You can try some of the Weekend Reflection prompts right here on Well Wise Happy. Freewrite. Don’t worry about spelling or grammar or even what it says. Just write.
  • Stretch. Find a short yoga routine online that was designed for relaxation.
  • Do housework. Choose something mindless that you don’t particularly hate to do. Try to focus fully on your task.

Now that you’re thinking clearly, you may find that your problem isn’t as catastrophic as it seemed!