Beauty Straight From Your Kitchen

eat-your-vegetables-day1-e1433423511827-808x382Did you know that the path to beautiful skin is as close as your kitchen?  It is worth arranging your cupboards to make these face and figure-enhancing products easier find..

Tomatoes are all over the news lately, and it is no wonder why. Whether raw or in naturally processed ketchup or tomato sauces, they are an excellent source of the natural hydrator and antioxidant, lycopene. By eating a tomato a day, you will exponentially help with hydrating and brightening your skin.

Oatmeal helps regulate your skin’s pH balance soothing and locking in moisture. It is also a natural anti-inflammatory agent. So eat up, or turn into a facial scrub, with a little bit of honey, or add to your regular cleanser to reveal brighter skin.

Pudding and fruit cups have moisture absorbing gelatin or pectin bases that help your body hold moisture and nutrients.

Green or berry-flavored teas contain polyphenols (anti-oxidants) that help skin look younger. They also help the body breakdown collgen in skin production.

Olive oil is nutrient rich and helpful for digestion, and helps your skin glow from the inside out.

And the journey continues……into year 3…..

Sigh. I know that one day there will be a time you will be reading a woohoo it is over! Today is not that day.  It is frustrating as we are entering year 3 of this suffering, but I finally am with a doctor who is on top of this, knock on wood.

Believe me I am so happy that past “ideas” are not correct, such as MS, a brain tumor, but when you are a on the go, non-stop energy type, skidding to a stop is hard. And when it stops the forward motion in your personal life, it is crushing.

In June of 2015, I went to see a doctor at Michigan Headache & Neurology Institute. It was pretty quick in the visit that she felt I was way past an outpatient relieve, and it was determined I was going to go in the hospital for about 2 weeks.  A snafu in my insurance, pushed it to December.

I thought it would never come, but finally I was admitted. What was neat was this was just a 20 bed wing of the hospital, we could wear out own clothes, and it was a team of about 15 doctors who were looking at your case along with the main doctor. If you ever watched the tv show “House”, it is that on steroids.

I had some tests done, but mostly I was testing different medication combinations that showed some relief. It took forever to find something that worked, but I did leave with 9 medications to do something.  After having a facet block, and some muscle relaxants, my neck “released” and it seemed to allow the medicine to go to work on breaking  up my headache.  Now instead of one massive headache on the left side of my head, I now had two headaches, both their own identities, which is weird feeling. But this was progress!

The experience in the hospital was love/hate. I wasn’t prepared to see my doctor and his team for a minute or less a day.  Yep you read that correctly. Some people walked in to the conference room, and walked back out, I don’t see how they could have sat down let alone gotten a consultation. I hardly got to say anything, he looked over the chart, and then sent me back out. It was only with someone coming to get me did I know I had tests. The nursing staff was fabulous! I have never had such kind and gentle people take care of me.

I left with a routine of 9 medications. As long as my neck is not immobile in a muscle spasm, the meds get through. I am thankful that I found my doctor and someone who isn’t afraid to just go for it and also listens to her patient. My next appointment is 6 weeks and I am excited to see where we are then.