Why Your Health Is The Same Like Being Wealthy!

Caught with a chill and a terrible bout of flu, for the first time in my life, I could not even drag myself out of bed.

I was attending the Certification Program, and had caught the flu bug on Saturday, the last second day of the program. However, I did manage to get out of bed on Sunday just-in-time to receive my certificate but my battery was flat for the next 2 days. :-)

What is life without health those last few days?

I could only sum up in these words: Terrible. Uncomfortable. Flat. 2-dimensional. Dull like looking at a black and white TV. Tasteless meals…

I would give up almost anything to have my health back those last few days.

I must admit that I’ve always taken good health for granted – I keep late nights. I eat snacks before I sleep. I take oily foods etc etc.

But life is more precious than that. To achieve greatness and abundance, we need good health as the cornerstone so that we can live our dreams. For without health, what can a man accomplish?

I resolve to henceforth:

1. Sleep early so that I could wake up early. I will sleep by midnight the latest.
2. Do at least 15-minutes of stretching daily.
3. Do cardio exercise (e.g. brisk walk) for 30-minutes every day.
4. Take oat meals + raisins for breakfast and lunch.
5. Cut-down my consumption of coffee and tea to just a cup a day (better still, don’t drink).
6. Walk up to my office on the 12th floor after lunch
7. Drink 3 litres of water daily.

I hope this post will encourage more and more of our friends to take responsibility for their health!

I saw an interesting scenario on the highway today.

I was on my way up to the highway when I hear the purring sound of an engine in front of me, the type that you can only notice from a sports car. :-)

Looking up and glancing around, I noticed that it was from a bright red Ferrari. It was a few cars in front of me.

It hit the highway before I did.

Upon hitting the highway, I stepped on my accelerator and began my move to the faster lanes.

Hmm, maybe I can take a better look at the Ferrari, I thought.

However, I continued to hear the incessant purring and braking of the Ferrari.

I’m not sure why, but this beauty that is supposed to zip between cars and blaze the highway is there still on the slowest lane!

I thought, isn’t that just like how the majority of us are living our lives every day?

Instead of living life to the fullest. We live below our potential.

Day by day we go through motions (the motion of eating, of working, of commuting…), under performing and living below our peak potentials.

A Ferrari is meant to speed the highway. Both you and I are meant to speed the highway of life.

Don’t be like the Ferrari on the slow lane. Choose abundance. Live to your peak potentials!

Shall we say “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now!”