I am a Busy Bee

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lO8jujydSo much going on, so much to try to keep track of, and where to begin? This week, and last week as well, pretty much since the closing, has been a whirlwind of activity over at our house. I happen to have an uncle who is extremely handy, and was able to work on everything we needed done – and was able to be present at the house when things were being delivered, etc. Not to mention, my dad, who has a lot of time on his hands, and who loves a project.

We were lucky to have those 2 working on our behalf these past two weeks, and now it is all coming together. Pretty much all of the big stuff is done, but as is the case with a house, the fun part is that it is always a work in progress – and it is yours. The appliances are in and working, the lights are switched, and the cleaners are cleaning on Friday. I can’t wait to get in there and start working. Speaking of cleaning and working – vacuum cleaners, I just started pricing them. Good GOD they are expensive! Thank god for hard wood floors and all but we do have several rugs that need vacuuming.

My objective for tonight and tomorrow, is to pack everything that can possibly be packed. I keep saying that we are 80% done, and that is the truth, but the 20% that is not packed is starting to stress me out. What is stressing me out about it is that it is all the little crap – that I should probably just throw out, but my husband will hold something up, and because I cannot make a simple decision, I just say, well pack it – and now when we get into the house, I’m committing to pitching stuff we just don’t need. I also have not ventured down to the basement of our apartment building to look at our storage space. I know I have about 4 bins full of clothes down there that I should have sorted through. I am going to do that when we unpack, for sure. We already have 3 big trash bags of clothes to donate, which I also need to drop off.

Whew – blogging is turning into list making for me this week. Things to do, things to remember. I’m luckily taking a 1/2 day on Friday because I just know I won’t be able to sit still here thinking of all I need to accomplish before the movers show up early on Saturday morning.

Then, after we move, I have a few other items on the agenda to focus my attention on, which I am trying to totally put out of my mind for this week at least. More on that at a later date, and thank god there are 40 minutes until I go home, which means 40 minutes until the wine that’s waiting for me when I get there. Of course we did not pack the liquor! We did, however, pack the wine glasses. I have not quite yet resorted to drinking directly from the bottle, but rather am drinking my wine from a paper Dunkin Donuts cup that came free with our Box of joy┬áthat we got on Saturday.