The “Oh-How-Time-Flies”

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40363How come my weekends seem to fly in? It’s entirely unfair. It’s not even like I did much this weekend, in fact the whole of today was spent lazing about in bed watching The Apprentice USA and Law & Order SVU with the boy. To be honest, it’s my favorite way to spend a Sunday. Just relaxing, not doing anything and having a laugh with the man that I love. True, it’s a complete waste of time and nothing productive is done for an entire 24 hours, but I do love to unwind like that.

On Saturday I went to Starbucks with a supervisor from one of our other stores, I’ve only met him once previously but we talk a lot on the phone. It was a great couple of hours, and it turns out that he grew up with the boy, which was a bit strange. I believe in the Six Degrees Of Separation theory and I suppose that this just goes to show it’s possible. It was certainly fun hearing stories about my boyfriend when he was 11 years old!!

He turns 25 next Friday and I’m trying to think of a great present to buy him, since he’s so terribly hard to buy for. He doesn’t wear jewelry or a watch, so that’s out the window. He has enough clothes to last him a life time, he doesn’t listen to CDs, he only wears a select few aftershaves…he has a camera, a phone, everything. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll find something to buy him in the end, but he’s not like everybody else that I know that I can just go to the shops and pick something up and I’ll know that they’ll love it. So much time and energy needs to go into buying him just a small gift, but I adore spoiling him to the point I end up buying him about 5 presents for birthdays and Christmas!

I know that his mum is taking us out to dinner at a Mongolian restaurant in Merchant City on the weekend of his birthday, which will be lovely for him but I don’t really want to eat zebra or kangaroo so I really hope that they serve chicken or beef! I’ve also got a works night out that weekend, it’s a quiz night and I can’t wait! It should be so much fun, although I’m not even going with a team from my store, I’m going with a team from my old store so it’ll be great to catch up with everybody.


Somehow, somewhere through the years my love of writing code died a slow death. I fear it may have been when I truly feel in love with WordPress as a CMS. No longer did I have to worry about creating a layout for my words to flow through, I could simply download one I sort of liked and hack the heck out the code to suit my own needs. How lazy I’ve become…

Back in the days when I used (and I can’t believe that I swore by this at the time) GrayMatter & a hand coded website that consisted of large HTML files with php includes absolutely everywhere. I seem to remember having a .txt file for each blog entry at one point, it was insane. But I didn’t care so much about the backend then, I was all about the design. The ripped off celebrity images, the crude Jasc (yes, before Corel) PaintShop Pro layouts and inaccessible trend that consisted of using numbers as main navigation (i.e. 00, 01, 02, 03 instead of blog, about, content, links). I’d spend hours upon hours picking color schemes, editing images in Paintshop Pro, writing lines and lines of HTML and CSS just to have everything “just right”. And now what do I do? Hop onto google and search for “WordPress themes” and download one I like. And change my mind 2 weeks later.

It’s not the way to go. I’ve been getting back into coding a lot recently, in fact I’ve been a heck of a lot more creative since I switched jobs. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m using my brain all day and every day to get the most out of my shop, or the amount of RockStar and Relentless that I drink, but I am finding myself being a lot more productive and creative; both at home and at work. So it’s only natural that I throw myself into creating a design for this site that I truly love and have created from scratch. I suppose it’s just a case of watch this space; I’m sure it will be live soon. And normal blogging will resume now that I’ve firmly landed back on my feet after a few whirlwind weeks.