Workout Update

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It’s been almost a month so I figured it was time to update you on my P90x progress. We finished the first phase. It took us an extra two weeks because we decided to redo week 2 and week 4. Between our current house refinance, taxes being due, and a major health hiccup for me, we thought it would be better to just redo those weeks and keep moving.

We really are making this a lifestyle change, though, and not a 90 day program. How so? Even if we take a day off from the nutrition program, it’s never out of our minds. When we eat out or at a friend’s house our portions are far different than they were. We eat more of the protein and vegetables, with some whole grains. And we’re very conscious of how much of the different items are on our plate. This month I got a horrendous sinus infection and wound up needing emergency dental surgery.

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I Hate Funerals, But I Go

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a9f31b07I hate funerals.  Granted, I think I have been to three in my life, and two of those were for Nate’s family.  So I am not very experienced in the ways of the funeral.  But I hate them.  I hate thinking of death.  I am terrified to think of what’s next.

Heaven?  Hell?  Reincarnation?  Nothing??

Nothing is the scariest of all.  Scarier than hell, to me, is the thought that there is nothing past this life.  If this is it, then what is the point?  What happens to the life force energy that flows within each of us?  Does it just *poof!* disappear into the atmosphere?  I’d like to think not.

I don’t know that I believe in heaven, or that I’ll be reunited with my great-grandmother or Nate’s aunts and uncles.  I don’t know that I’ll see my childhood dog running toward me with his big ears flopping in the sun.  These things sound sort of nice, but it still doesn’t tell me what happens to that energy.

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Growing Up – I Was An Early Bloomer

The summer after 3rd grade, I got my period.  Long before the awkward group girl talk in 4th grade about hygiene and bodily changes, I had come into my “womanhood.”

I don’t specifically remember the terror of the event, but I do remember my mom crying a lot and my dad treating me weird for awhile.  I was their first daughter, and obviously no parent wants their child to reach puberty ever, so the fact that mine had come so early really flipped them on their ear.

I was a chubby thing – tall and full figured before I hit the age of 12.  Yet, even though my body was going through these “changes” – I remember how immensely unaware I was of things like body image.  I was comfortable in my skin, I wasn’t even remotely concerned with the impression I gave off to the world around me.  Sloppy, tom boy-esque, bookish but noisy… This was far before I quit high school, and later got my GED diploma, that was not that easy.

Something I do specifically remember, though, is the day I became self-aware, and that to me was more traumatizing than getting my period.

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How To Get Started with Crossfit

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THE most important step is to go to the main Crossfit site and read this PDF file Understanding Crossfit. Anything and everything you could want to read about is there and FOR FREE.  No annoying subscription or sign up pages, no fees, no nothing, just out there as an amazing resource to help you get started with Crossfit.

Visit an affiliate – most of them will have an intro class for free, or a beginner’s series of classes for those completely lost in the sauce when it comes to lifts, pull-ups, pushups, the Crossfit concept, etc.

Read, read, and read some more. Read the blogs and message boards on the main site.  Find an affiliate near you and read their blog.  Get the Crossfit journal subscription, a bargain at 25 bucks, and read the articles on building a home gym and go get started on one.

Watch, pause, replay, mimic, watch again, and record. There are millions of Crossfit videos on YouTube, and hundreds more on the main site.  Watch them over and over and over again.  Try the movement with a broomstick or piece of PVC, record yourself doing it, critique it compared to what you saw on the video, and try again.  PLEASE take the time to learn the CORRECT form for the lifts – it’s way harder to reteach good form once bad form is ingrained in your body’s memory banks. And if you do them wrong, you will injure yourself.

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The “Oh-How-Time-Flies”

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40363How come my weekends seem to fly in? It’s entirely unfair. It’s not even like I did much this weekend, in fact the whole of today was spent lazing about in bed watching The Apprentice USA and Law & Order SVU with the boy. To be honest, it’s my favorite way to spend a Sunday. Just relaxing, not doing anything and having a laugh with the man that I love. True, it’s a complete waste of time and nothing productive is done for an entire 24 hours, but I do love to unwind like that.

On Saturday I went to Starbucks with a supervisor from one of our other stores, I’ve only met him once previously but we talk a lot on the phone. It was a great couple of hours, and it turns out that he grew up with the boy, which was a bit strange. I believe in the Six Degrees Of Separation theory and I suppose that this just goes to show it’s possible. It was certainly fun hearing stories about my boyfriend when he was 11 years old!!

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Faced by a bear!

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I went on a day trip to a city 200 miles away where I go about once a year to visit friends. On the drive there, I went through a mountainous region. I was coming around a curve and saw a big black thing moving in the middle of the road ahead of me. I could see that it was moving – I couldn’t tell what it was for a few more hundred feet.

Then I saw that it was a large black bear.


I saw a bear around this area once before, but it was on the side of the road, so I just drove by. This time, with the bear just in the middle of the narrow mountain road, I had no room to go around it, so I put my hazards on and tried to pull as far to the side of the road as I could, about 50 feet in front of the bear.

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Where and when should I shop for dorm supplies?

Once you’ve completed your dorm checklist, the next thing to do is to actually go out and buy what you’ll need. Dorm shopping can be pretty hectic, especially when move-in day is approaching. It’s best to do your dorm shopping early on.

Many retail stores will have sales around mid-July and August, and they’ll also stock up more on dorm-related items (such as those pesky extra-long twin sheets) around that time. Keep a close eye on catalogs to know when the best time to shop is. You don’t necessarily have to do it all in one day (though that may be more convenient). If you’re school is on the quarter system, you’ll be tempted to put off your shopping until late August or early September, but many sales will already be over by then. Do your shopping early on.

Where should I do my dorm shopping?

Large retail stores usually work best. Target, Wal-Mart, and K-Mart are normal choices, though Bed, Bath, and Beyond also is a great choice if you’re willing to spend a little bit extra.

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Is the Freshman 15 real or just a myth?

Many college and university dining halls offer all-you-can-eat food to students. Unlike high school and middle schools which try to serve healthy foods, not all of these foods are the best to eat for you. Combine fatty and sugary foods with sodas and unlimited portions and you get the “Freshman 15″ — the 15 pounds gained by many students in their freshman year of college.

Is the Freshman 15 real or just a myth?

T_Freshman_15_1Well, it really depends on the person. If you eat unhealthy and don’t exercise, there’s a good chance you’ll experience some weight gain in college. However, if you’re able to control your eating habits well and/or exercise, you won’t have much to worry about. After my first year, I noticed that most people hadn’t really changed weight at all, though there were definitely some students who had put on a few pounds over the year.

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How do I improve my GPA in college?

Your grade-point-average (GPA) in college is still a very important statistic. Many employers will look at your GPA before deciding whether or not to hire you, and graduate schools will definitely look at your GPA before deciding whether or not to admit you. It’s important to have as high of a GPA as you can get by the time you graduate college. Even if you got your high school diploma through on of these online GED programs but you got a good GPA you will be just fine.

If you calculated your GPA and you don’t think you have a good GPA, you should definitely consider trying to raise it, no matter what year you are in your studies. If you’re a freshman, keep in mind that it feels a lot easier to maintain a decent GPA than it does to bring a low one up. If you’re near graduating, every bit can help out, and raising your GPA a tenth of a point could still make a pretty big difference.


Raising your overall GPA

Because your GPA is based only on the grades that you earn in college, there’s only one way to raise it: get better grades. If your GPA is around a 2.2, then any grade that counts for more than 2.2 points (a C+ or higher), will help increase your GPA. Vice versa, any grade that counts for less than your GPA will lower your GPA (if you have a 2.2, a C or lower will hurt you).

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Bought some stuff!

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Today my daughter and I went to a community yard sale. She is in college and is looking for items to fill her first apartment. The first few houses had a few small kitchen items (small food processor and a garlic press) which we purchased. She was also looking for a craft project to do during the summer.


After about 20 houses will found a house that had a nice paper cutter (new about $25) and A diamond electric knife sharpener, we purchased both for $6.00. The same house had a Oreck XL vacuum cleaner for sale for $4.00.

The owner said that she had taken it to the Oreck store and they wanted a minimum of $60 just to look at it. She stated that something was stuck inside of it and she had already purchased a new one. This vacuum was in great shape and was less than 10 years old. So I bought it figuring that at worst I wasted $4.00.

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