Why I Love the Beats Headphones

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Everyone hates those earbuds that come with the iPhone. Their hard and barely fit in your ear and if you wear them for more than 15 minutes they make your head hurt. Not to mention the sound quality is pretty subpar. And many people go out and buy new headphones that fit better and sound better.

But instead of looking for the cheapest pair of headphones that look like they’ll feel more comfortable, why not make your iPod or iPhone sound the way it’s meant to sound? If you’re interested in getting incredibly deep bass, crisp high range frequencies, and rich midrange, you need to check out Beats headphones.


You may have seen other people wearing these headphones. They have the unmistakable rounded red “b” on the headphones. These headphones were created by Dr. Dre and manufactured by monster cable company. Dr. Dre has been in the music business for over 30 years and has produced multiple platinum albums, so he knows what he’s looking for in a pair of quality headphones. Then there’s the monster cable company who has been known as the premier brand of TV and stereo cables. So you know these headphones are going to be good.

The beats headphones come in three different styles. The first is the Beats studio that is the ultra high end of music quality. These are over the ear headphones that have the built in noise cancellation technology so all you get is quality sound. The next step down is the Beats Solo which features many of the same quality music generating technology (deep drivers with extra strength magnets) as the Studio but developed for the on the go lifestyle. Then there’s the Beats Tour earphones. These earphones feature noise isolation silicone pads that keep the outside noises out and produce the best bass sound that an earbud can produce. If you’re willing to pay for quality sound, the Beats headphones won’t disappoint.